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over 300 days of sunshine per yearover 300 days of sunshine per year

Bath house

We have a comfortable bathhouse that is built according to Alentejan design. The water comes from our own natural water source. Free hot water is available.

 Swimming pool

The salt water pool is 15m long and 1.4m deep and is centrally located on the site. It has a terrace with sun beds, seats and a covered area. The pure and clear water comes from our own source. The pool has a special salt water installation to keep the water clean. Benefits are that the water feels good and swimming is easier. Our experience is that many guests prefer a saltwater pool to a chlorine pool.


Every day at certain times the bar is open. We serve  drinks, ice-creams and occasionally lunches or dinners. 

Library & free Wi-Fi

In the library you will find English, Dutch, Portuguese, French and German books, CD´s or games. It also provides information about the towns, cities, museums, etc. In the bar is free Wi-Fi. Just bring your own laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Sauna & fire place

The sauna is located in a wooden shed and heated by a wood stove in which we use our own cork oak logs. After a sauna you can relax at the open log fire.


At your request we can arrange a massages provided by a recognized and certified specialist.